Maintaining your AC is so important if you’re going to get through the summer heat. There are a bunch of reasons why ACs fail, and each reason has its own solutions. So I’m going to gshare with you the most common reasons that ACs fail and the best ways to prevent that from happening.

Backed Up Drain

Drains often back up during the winter, when your AC isn’t called into action so much, and are instead using your heating system, so water isn’t condensating. Instead, condensation collects in the drain line, where mold and algae can grow. Over that winter period, that develops into sludge and buildup, and your drain is backed up.

If your drain does back up during the winter, the simplest way is to pour some white distilled vinegar into the drain pipes. A cup is usually enough, followed by twice or thrice that volume of hot water.

Filters Get Dirty

Filters often get dirty. There are a number of reasons for this. You may have bought cheap filters; or your fan is constantly on, wearing your filter out quickly; or temperatures are abnormally high or low; or there’s too much soot in your house; or there is a lot of mold or contaminants in your house.

Filter problems can also result in your AC breaking down, which will require AC repair work done.

Problems With Your Capacitor

Your capacitor may also be down, which means your compressor won’t be able to run. Capacitors are pretty cheap to replace, and many people often wish that there’s something wrong with your AC, it’s the capacitor.

Your compressor should not be surrounded by anything that could harm its functionality. For instance, if you have vinyl plants, they can grow toward the compressor, and wrap themselves around the compressor.

Ants are also dangerous for your compressor and indeed, any electrical parts. Basically, you want to avoid having anything that will block the passage of air. 

When you are fixing your AC from outside the home, you should take note of any lines and wires, which can be damaged while you are working. Suction lines cost as much as $2,000 to fix.

Maintenance is very important for any tool. If you have regular maintenance, then your AC is less likely to break down.

Low MERV Rating

When you are buying filters, you should make sure that they have a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) value of 7 or 8. MERV was developed by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers to measure an air filter’s effectiveness.

Final Note

Your AC is there to keep you cool, not your room. So you should turn it off when you leave the room. This will not only save you money on electricity, it will also help you maintain your AC. Overuse can lead to your AC breaking down. So set your thermostat for 78 degrees, and make sure to not overuse your AC.

In addition, make sure to have regular maintenance on your AC, and you will be able to prevent the bulk of any problems.