Month: July 2021

Outsourcing and Your Business: What You Need To Know

The business world is truly global as you can easily meet with someone in a different country virtually. Remote work is becoming more popular among companies that want to reduce their overhead costs. The elimination of the need for an office space is a monthly expense that plenty of small business owners will happily save money on. Increasing cash flow can allow for growth to be maximized depending on the business model. Taking a proactive approach to outsourcing can allow your team to run more efficiently and maximize productivity. The following are things that you need to know when outsourcing for your business. 

Areas To Outsource

Small business accounting services can save money for business owners and also save them a headache. Accounting can be quite tedious for someone that simply doesn’t like to organize their books. Allowing another company to handle this can also save more money come tax time which is always important. There are also so many apps that you can stay organized with expenses without issue. 

Marketing is something that most companies should outsource, especially during their infancy. Marketing agencies have established relationships that can be leveraged almost immediately. The fact that they have a plethora of copywriters that can handle the revamping of your content marketing strategy provides ultimate convenience. Quality content helps drive traffic to your website and helps it climb the search engine rankings. Enlisting the help of the right agency that provides SEO and website design in Hitchin is immensely important as some might utilize less than ethical ways to rank. These tactics are considered blackhat as Google has specifically stated they will penalize websites that do things like purchase links or build site networks to drive rankings. 

Sales tasks like that of gathering contact information can be outsourced. There are so many companies that employ people to find this information as data is extremely valuable. Your sales team can also be outsourced but you need to make sure your contractors are representing your company in the appropriate manner. Pushy salespeople can lead to a company being blacklisted in a business niche. The professional world is far closer than it was in the past due to technology. 

Hiring Slowly And Firing Quickly When It Comes To Freelancers 

Freelancers should be hired slowly and through a platform like Upwork that protects your business. Unfortunately, there are a number of people willing to take payment upfront only to disappear. These platforms track communication to ensure that nobody is being ripped off. Firing freelancers that miss deadlines or are poor at communicating should be done quickly. Most freelancers are not going to completely turn their performance around but this is possible. There are so many talented freelancers that it should not be difficult to find a replacement. Setting up a training process for freelancers can make this seamless as some might take on other contracts at one point or another.

Outsourcing needs to be done carefully but can help grow your company in a huge way. Take the time to assess what could be outsourced (like the Data cable installation) and look at the cost-benefit analysis.  

Beauty Tech Is Revolutionising the Cosmetics Industry

When people think of technology, they seldom associate it with cosmetics. Though the cosmetics industry can represent the art of the future and the possibilities of tomorrow, its use of science, technology, and research and development is often hidden from the public view. As technology has evolved, so too has cosmetics. The cosmetics industry has embraced the new wave of technology that is sweeping the world. “Beauty tech” is becoming an increasingly important part of how the cosmetics industry conducts research and development, delivers products to its customers, and tries to enrich the customer experience. As Know Techie reports, new technologies are set to revolutionize cosmetics. 

One of the most important developments in recent years has been the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR). These technologies assumed an even greater importance during the pandemic. As shoppers were forced to stay at home, cosmetics businesses had to adapt to deliver their products to their customers and find ways to recreate the magic of the in-store experience at a time when shoppers could not go to stores. AI and AR came to the rescue. AI uses data to find patterns and draw insights from those patterns and thereafter, perform some task. So, for instance, when you browse through a cosmetics firm’s website, it can recommend products based on your search and browsing history, purchases you have made and other data. AR, on the other hand, overlays actual reality with digital information. So, for instance, while shopping for lipstick, an AR program can take an image of you and apply lipstick on that image so you can see what you would look like if you wore that lipstick. Sephora’s 3-D augmented reality mirror allows customers to try Sephora’s makeup products in such a way, avoiding the need for actual physical contact with the product. A clear advantage of AR is that not only can brands deliver the in-store experience of trying products out, AR is much more sanitary at a time when the pandemic has made us so aware of the dangers of physical contact. AR is also much more cost-effective than maintaining an actual store. Customers can try products from anywhere on the planet using the brand’s app, and order what they like, without ever having to go to a physical store. 

When you talk about skincare, most people think of moisturisers, cleansers and things like that. Brands will often promote these products as important elements of skincare, which they are. However, these products are not the be-all and end-all of skincare. Technologies and apps are becoming a very important part of skincare routines. These technologies can be used to analyse your skin and monitor UV exposure. SkinScanner is an example of a product that you connect to your smartphone. SkinScanner scans your skin and helps you find irregularities there. FaceGenius and Clinical reality are other examples of skin scanners that are now widely used. These technologies won’t do your eyebrow microblading for you, but they do allow you to intelligently scan your skin and ensure that it is at its healthiest.