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Outsourcing and Your Business: What You Need To Know

The business world is truly global as you can easily meet with someone in a different country virtually. Remote work is becoming more popular among companies that want to reduce their overhead costs. The elimination of the need for an office space is a monthly expense that plenty of small business owners will happily save money on. Increasing cash flow can allow for growth to be maximized depending on the business model. Taking a proactive approach to outsourcing can allow your team to run more efficiently and maximize productivity. The following are things that you need to know when outsourcing for your business. 

Areas To Outsource

Small business accounting services can save money for business owners and also save them a headache. Accounting can be quite tedious for someone that simply doesn’t like to organize their books. Allowing another company to handle this can also save more money come tax time which is always important. There are also so many apps that you can stay organized with expenses without issue. 

Marketing is something that most companies should outsource, especially during their infancy. Marketing agencies have established relationships that can be leveraged almost immediately. The fact that they have a plethora of copywriters that can handle the revamping of your content marketing strategy provides ultimate convenience. Quality content helps drive traffic to your website and helps it climb the search engine rankings. Enlisting the help of the right agency that provides SEO and website design in Hitchin is immensely important as some might utilize less than ethical ways to rank. These tactics are considered blackhat as Google has specifically stated they will penalize websites that do things like purchase links or build site networks to drive rankings. 

Sales tasks like that of gathering contact information can be outsourced. There are so many companies that employ people to find this information as data is extremely valuable. Your sales team can also be outsourced but you need to make sure your contractors are representing your company in the appropriate manner. Pushy salespeople can lead to a company being blacklisted in a business niche. The professional world is far closer than it was in the past due to technology. 

Hiring Slowly And Firing Quickly When It Comes To Freelancers 

Freelancers should be hired slowly and through a platform like Upwork that protects your business. Unfortunately, there are a number of people willing to take payment upfront only to disappear. These platforms track communication to ensure that nobody is being ripped off. Firing freelancers that miss deadlines or are poor at communicating should be done quickly. Most freelancers are not going to completely turn their performance around but this is possible. There are so many talented freelancers that it should not be difficult to find a replacement. Setting up a training process for freelancers can make this seamless as some might take on other contracts at one point or another.

Outsourcing needs to be done carefully but can help grow your company in a huge way. Take the time to assess what could be outsourced (like the Data cable installation) and look at the cost-benefit analysis.  

Computer 101 for Absolute Beginners

While the number of people living in the developed world who have a fair understanding of the computer is quite high, there are those who are afraid of IT, which might be due to an elderly person’s reluctance to embrace digital technology. Equally, a young person might not yet have a good understanding of how computers work and with that in mind, here is some basic information to help you gain an understanding of how to use a computer.

  • The Operating System (OS) – This is the software package that actually runs the machine; the most common OS is Windows 10, while Apple have their own, which is iOS. There are others such as Unix, but the majority of users have either Microsoft’s Windows 10 or Apple’s iOS and the developer regularly issues updates, which you should always download and install, as these contain important security updates.
  • Computer Maintenance – If your computer is beginning to be slow and unresponsive, take it to a computer shop in Perth, or if there should be any issues, the local computer repair shop is always the best solution. If you use the machine on a daily basis, you will need to carry out a few functions such as cleaning out the registry and deleting old files. If you use Windows 10, empty the recycle bin now and then, to free up drive space and you can download a free computer cleaning program, which you can explore.
  • Saving Files – Work that you create can be saved in a number of formats, such as Microsoft Word or Ms PowerPoint and using Windows Explorer, you can create folders and move files around using copy-paste. There are at least 2 drives on a computer and ‘C’ drive is mainly for the OS, while ‘D’ drive is suitable for data storage. Computer drives are changing from the optical spinning disc to Solid State Drives (SSD), which are faster and more responsive, and are easier for hard drive destruction when necessary. Click here for a great article on how you can make money online with freelance writing.
  • Cyber-Security – If you use the Internet, then you are always vulnerable to hackers and people who send viruses attached to emails; Note: Never open an email attachment if you do not know the sender, as this is a common way to infect a computer with a target virus. You are advised to install a free anti-virus application and update when required, as this will protect you against online hackers. Cyber-security really is a threat these days and you must take adequate precautions.
  • Back Up your Data – All images, videos and documents should be backed up on a regular basis; you can use a small USB memory stick and copy all of your personal data and keep the drive in a safe place. Without a back up, you might lose all of your data if your hard drive malfunctions and no one wants that to happen.

There is a lot of free resources online and you can learn a lot from a few hours research and should there be any issues, contact a local computer repair shop. The more you use your computer, the greater your knowledge will be and with free online tuition, you can easily develop your talents.

An Antivirus Can Protect Your Computer, But Can It Protect You

We rely a great deal on our various devices to help us to move through life more easily and none more so than desktop computers and laptops. We use them on a very regular basis in business life and in our social life as well. Our computers are an extension of ourselves and without them our world would surely grind to a halt. Many people talk about their panic when there are unable to use their laptops and smart phones due to some kind of bug or a virus on the device. We rely heavily on the many antivirus applications that are currently available to us, and these generally sort out the issues that allow us to continue on with our daily lives. While these excellent apps and add-ons may be able to help us in this situation, what happens when something else goes wrong with your life that technology cannot address.

Similar to your laptop, nobody knows what’s going to happen when you hit that return key or click on your mouse to get into a website that contains information that you would like to know about. One wrong click and you could end up being in a lot of trouble and the same applies to your life as well. Nobody knows what lies around the next corner never mind next week or next year and it is the unknown that we need to prepare for. If there is one thing that an antivirus program has taught us, it is the need to be prepared and so you need to contact to make sure that you are prepared in the event that your life ends sooner than you thought it would. It is important to be prepared in the PC world and it is equally important to be involved in the real world. If you currently don’t have any kind of life insurance policy in place, then maybe the following benefits can encourage you to take the necessary first steps to protect yourself and your family.

* It addresses your debt & replaces income – We know we need an antivirus programme, butif you die unexpectedly then you’re leaving your family with all of your debts and with no income to address them. It is very likely that you have taken out a large mortgage on your home or business and these need to be paid for or family will be out on the streets in no time. They rely a great deal on the financial contribution that you make to the household and with you not here, what are they to do. Taking out the right life insurance policy will provide your family with essential funding that will help address all of the expenses that they will incur. This includes your burial costs and any outstanding bills that are owed.

* Provide your family with a step up – It was probably your intention to give your kids the best start in this life, but as you are no longer here this seems to be a pipe dream. However, if you take out the right life insurance policy then you are leaving the necessary finance that will allow your kids to get a strong start in their life. In many cases, the funds from your life insurance can be received as an inheritance and it may not be subject to government tax. It is essential that you name the beneficiaries on your policy so that the right people receive the money that you have put aside for them. To learn more about how life insurance works and all that it entails, have a look here.

Nobody else is going to protect you in this life except you, so make the necessary changes to protect yourself.

Streamline your Business with Managed IT Services

If you are not currently making the best use of available technology and streamlining your business processes, this is something you should consider. While some business owners are very IT savvy, others tend to shy away from anything technical and if you are in the latter group, let managed IT services help you streamline your business processes.

Cloud Solutions

Rather than storing your business data on your computers, commission a managed IT service provider such as First Solutions to create a secure online network that can be accessed only by authorised personnel. This enables employees to access data using any digital device and with real-time updating, everyone is on the same page, with all documentation scanned and stored on your cloud network.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

With all your accounts and invoices on the cloud, bookkeeping and accounting staff no longer need to tour the office collecting documentation, as they simply bring it up on their workstation screen. The quarterly returns can be processed without having to retrieve documents and if your accountant is remotely located, simply create a permission and they can access the data from any location.

Specific Business Software

You can run powerful applications on the cloud, with Office 365 providing the tools you need and when you want to work on a file, the software does not have to be installed on your device, as it is based on the cloud. Powerful payroll suites that are tailored to specific sectors that integrate PAYE with income tax, while also calculating hours worked and overtime. Once you have configured the system, it can do 75% of your accounting staff’s workload, freeing them up to work on other things. Here are some of the best business software packages for 2021.

Customer History

If, for example, a customer calls, you can bring up their history onto your screen with a couple of mouse clicks and the data would be up to date, allowing you to make informed decisions. All sales staff would be updating customer records on a regular basis, so when you take a look on your network, you can access anything you need.

Cyber Security

Of course, it is critical that you have some form of cyber-protection and the IT managed service provider ensures that your data is always protected. Security patches are automatically deployed and any attempt to gain access can be identified and traced, while you have the IT experts monitoring your network 24/7. Click here for UK government information about cyber-security.

Online Solutions

If you would like to learn more about managed IT services, a Google search will take you to a leading UK provider, who can demonstrate how managed IT services can transform your business by streamlining processes. Whether your business is very young, or you are already established, managed IT services offer you unlimited potential and with an expert in your corner, you won’t have to worry about your business data.

What Are the Most Popular Business Software Packages in 2021?

As you would expect, every business owner wishes to make maximum use of business software, yet there is so much out there, it can be a real challenge to keep abreast of new and innovative business software. If you are in need of business software, here is our list of the top-rated software packages available today.

  • Microsoft Office 365 – This has morphed from the older versions that came on CDs, with a user code to enter during set up, yet like other software developers, Microsoft use cloud-based solutions that enable their customers to use specific software programs and buy making good use of an Office 365 troubleshooter, migrating all your data is a simple task. Favourite applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher, are all essential tools for any business and if you are not using Office 365, perhaps it is time to make the switch. Microsoft have been at the top of the tree for many years and their software is tried and tested, and with most businesses running Windows 10, Office 365 is fully compatible with all aspects of the OS.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud – Adobe have long been a leader in creative software, with Adobe Photoshop, Premier Pro and Acrobat programs all being widely used. For a single subscription you get access to all of Adobe’s creative cloud applications and you can work from any location using any device, which is great. Just about every creative agency subscribes to the Adobe Creative Cloud and they do affordable packages for freelancers.
  • Zoom for Business Communication – While you can download a free version of Zoom, the business package is affordable and gives you access to many powerful features, and if you need to hots virtual conferences often, you won’t find a better platform than Zoom. This is especially useful during the pandemic and if some of your employees are working from home, you can chat with them on Zoom and stay in touch. Click here for information about email software, which might prove useful.
  • Scoro – This package allows you to merge teams, projects and reports together seamlessly, enabling you to manage invoices and create a busy schedule. There are so many features with this software and they all save time and money.

Industry Specific Software

There are software packages that are specifically designed for:

  • Airline Industry
  • Auto Manufacturing
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Manufacturing
  • Consulting
  • Healthcare
  • Construction
  • Robotics

These are just a few sectors that use specialised software that is designed for their specific industry and whatever your chosen field, a Google search is all it takes to source the right business software. Click here for information about cyber-security from the Australian government,

Streamline your Business Processes

By using state-of-the-art business software, you can really streamline your business processes and by searching online, you are sure to find software packages suited to your business. There are some free packages out there, but they are typically basic and if you want the extra features, you need to subscribe.

If you are a one-man business, even more reason to make the best use of available business software, which makes it easy to manage everything from a single user interface.

How to Apply For a Loan

If you are experiencing financial problems as a result of the global situation, then you should be aware that a number of options are available. Indeed, many people around the world are looking to take out a personal loan for a variety of different reasons while you should also be aware of the various lenders that are available on the market. Furthermore, it is important to note that you should understand your own personal financial situation so that you will have a higher chance of being accepted for a particular type of loan. This is especially pertinent if you want to apply for a variety of types of loan while you should also understand the interest rate that you will have to pay over a particular period of time. In addition, you should also be aware to understand the terms and conditions that apply to a particular loan before making a final choice about which lender would be most appropriate for your needs. For more information about companies providing assistance with loans you should think about consulting an online business directory as you will be able to identify a number of lenders that you can contact.

  • Find out if you qualify for a loan
  • Know the interest rate
  • Check your credit score

1.            Understand whether you qualify

One of the simplest things that you can do before deciding to take out a loan is to understand whether you qualify for a particular type of loan. Indeed, many companies will require you to provide collateral as well as several types of documentation, including bank statements or payslips to determine your financial situation. Furthermore, companies may use automated bank statement analysis software to help them decide whether a loan would be right for you. As a result, you should take some time to identify a number of lenders as well as your personal situation to determine whether you qualify for the terms and conditions of a particular type of loan.

2.            Know the interest rate

Furthermore, it is important to understand the interest rate before you decide which particular loan would be appropriate for you so that you can live a stress free life. In addition, you should also decide how much money you want to borrow as well as the repayment period that will apply to the loan. This is especially pertinent if you are unaware of your credit situation as you can apply to a number of companies that can assist you.

3.            Check your credit score

Another important step that you should carry out before applying for a loan is to check your credit score. This is especially pertinent if you may have problems as a result of not paying off any previous loans or even a credit card. However, you should also be aware that a number of companies can assist you throughout the process of applying for a loan regardless of your current financial situation.

Therefore, in conclusion, if you are thinking about applying for a variety of types of loan, you should understand whether you qualify before undertaking the application process while reading the terms and conditions as well as the interest rate is essential to make sure you make the best choice.

The Most Beneficial Tips for a Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketing is one of the most important functions in every business because it is able to provide an opportunity to communicate product and service information to potential or existing customers. Indeed, if you are looking to implement a new marketing strategy or even improve the performance of a current campaign you should think about a number of top tips that can assist you become a more efficient company. In addition, given the various advancements that have occurred in social media and digital technology over the last few decades, it is now possible for companies to implement a digital marketing campaign. If you are looking to get a head start over your competition or even if you are thinking about releasing a new product or service, you should consider implementing a digital marketing campaign as soon as possible. However, in order to create a successful digital marketing strategy, you will need some amount of experience and the knowledge of different marketing techniques as well as the various technological developments that have happened over the decades. As a result, if you are looking to implement a digital marketing strategy, you should think about contacting a media agency they will be able to assist you with a number of aspects of this particular form of marketing.

Create a comprehensive strategy

One of the best tips that you should think about if you want to create a digital marketing campaign is to create consistency throughout your marketing strategy. Indeed, you should also think about using a variety of communication channels while you should also create digital content that is both engaging and informative because this can allow you to create a communications channel with your existing or potential customers. If you need assistance with the implementation of a digital marketing strategy, then you should think about contacting as soon as possible.

Develop relevant content

Another important tip that you should remember when you want to implement a digital marketing strategy is to develop relevant content for your customers. Furthermore, it is also important to understand that you must create an optimised and engaging customer experience while you should also think about improving your website and social media strategies to present a consistent message. It is also imperative that you optimise your website, as well as carry out regular auditing of your marketing programs to determine which particular channels and messages are most successful.

Measurable results

Finally, it is important to understand that given the nature of digital marketing, it is possible to examine and measure the results of a particular campaign. This is especially pertinent if you are using a number of different strategies as you will want to determine the effectiveness of each one. You should also be aware that using a digital marketing campaign can allow you to measure these tangible results and convert any potential leads into actual sales.

Therefore, in conclusion, if your company wants to implement a digital marketing strategy, you should remember a number of top tips, especially the creation of a comprehensive strategy and a consistent message while developing relevant content is essential.

Air Compressors: All you Need to Know

We have been using compressed air since the end of the steam age in the mid-19th century, when it was discovered that compressed air travels well down a sealed pipe, making for a better solution than steam. Today, there are many sectors that rely on compressed air, with compressors of numerous designs, specifically designed for one job, and here is a brief outline of the different types of air compressors on the market.

  • Rotary Screw Compressors – The most common type of compressor, the rotary screw is a displacement compressor that does not require a lot of maintenance, and can be oil-free or oil mixed. These are used in auto paint spray shops and garages to inflate tyres and clean with sandblasting, indeed, almost all engineering shops would have at least one rotary screw compressor. For the best prices, check out Pneutech Australia’s new website, where you will find everything you need, and at trade prices too!
  • Piston Compressors – They used to be at the top of the tree, before the arrival of the rotary screw, and for many users, a twin piston compressor is all that is needed. A standard piston compressor is inexpensive and they run for years, with minimal maintenance, making them a favourite with many people. The sensor tells the compressor when to fire up, which it does frequently in order to maintain the desired air pressure, and most businesses leave it running all day.
  • Reciprocation Compressors – These are used by individuals and small workshops and are not designed to run continuously like the rotary screw. There are more moving parts in a reciprocating compressor, so maintenance is required, and the pistons force the air into very high pressure, which is more than enough to run your application. There are multi-stage compressors, with relays of pistons that rotate the pressurisation, ensuring you always have the required PSI.
  • Dynamic Air Compressors – They work by sucking in air with rotating blades, which is then restricted to create air pressure, and this kinetic energy is stored in the compressor. By forcing air into a confined space, pressure is created, and these large systems can be found in factories and complexes where compressed air is required. Technology is rapidly advancing, with the Internet of Things being launched early next year, and this will have beneficial effects for humanity.
  • Axial Compressors – Huge and complex, an axial compressor would be found large ships and aircraft, developing massive air pressures that are used in the aerospace and marine industries. Very expensive and requiring constant attention, these are the hi-end systems that can generate thousands of horsepower. Here is some technical data concerning the use of compressed air, which you should read.

If you are in need of compressed air or air conditioning installation Birmingham, Google is your best friend. Once on the supplier’s website, you can browse the various types until you find what you are looking for. The supplier is always happy to advise, and can source any make and model, while also offering maintenance for a small cost. As to the best type of compressor, that very much depends of what you are doing, and the supplier would be most helpful is you are unsure what type of compressor you need.

The Importance Of a High Tech Logistics Provider

When it comes to moving high-tech equipment, this is not a job for the local guy, who has a large white van, and is prepared to transport anything. This is a job for a specific logistic provider, who specialises in machinery that is incredibly sensitive, and the greatest level of care has to be taken, when moving it from one destination to another. When we are talking about items such as these, we are looking at many thousands of pounds involved in buying them in the first place, and so trying to save yourself some money now by getting them transported by a Mickey Mouse company, is not a smart financial decision.

If you want a company that can provide your business with effective high-tech logistics, then you need to be looking at companies like Tecdis, who take care to ensure that your items are always safe and secure, that they are distributed in the correct manner, specific transportation is used, and they also provide value added services. They handle equipment such as networking equipment, servers, egr cooler, and other important pieces of technology, that need to be handled with care. They understand that technology has changed the workplace, and so they provide essential services for that. The following are just some of the benefits of using a company like this.

  • Climate control, warehousing – Some specialist high-tech equipment needs to be stored at a specific temperature, and if it isn’t, it will get damaged, and may cost many thousands of pounds to fix, or replace. They also supply the essential security that is needed, to protect your items, and they have everything in place, in order to do so. They are committed to finding the best solution for your needs, and for your business, and it is all geared towards cutting costs, and saving time.
  • High-tech warehousing – When you sign up for their services, you get to enjoy complete warehouse management with structural pallet racking and distribution services, and if your items have to be delivered at a time, that is not during regular business hours, then this is not a problem. They have already hired staff that are incredibly flexible when it comes to making themselves available for important jobs, such as yours. They make themselves available on the weekends, on nights, national holidays, and even big holidays like Christmas day, and New Year’s Eve. Your business is incredibly important to them, and it shows. For more government information on good practice, with regard to logistics have a look here.

When it comes to transportation solutions, they are also at the top of their game. They understand that businesses need secure and affordable high-tech transportation, and so they can provide you with air, ocean, and ground freight services. They also take care of any import/export issues, when it comes to government compliance, and they can offer you worldwide customs broker services, that are second to none. They just don’t handle big jobs, and sensitive jobs with regard to IT equipment, they also provide an extremely cost-effective solution, for small packages as well. All of the things that they offer should help to reduce product cycle time, improve visibility in your supply chain, and allow you to save money on operational costs, as well as your fixed overheads.

Essential PPE to Combat Covid-19

The emergence of the Coronavirus changed the way we live our lives, and there’s no sign that things will return to normal this year, and if you are a business owner, you are responsible for personal protection equipment (PPE) for all your employees. Aside from government guidelines, we must provide essentials to ensure good hygiene, and the following should be acquired.

  • Face Masks – These can be ordered from an online supplier, where you can find high quality masks at affordable prices. There are several types and with elastic loops, the mask fits snugly, protecting the wearer, and with disposable good quality face masks, you have an inexpensive solution.
  • Latex Gloves – Scientists think that the virus remains alive on surfaces for several hours, and with latex gloves wholesale suppliers, you can acquire a bulk order of disposables. Latex does not impact touch, allowing the wearer to perform intricate tasks, and simply throw them away when finished. There are powdered and non-powdered versions, with one size fits all, and many industries are now incorporating latex gloves into their processes.
  • Hand Sanitiser – Hand sanitiser is another essential and bottles should be located near entrances, with simply push dispenser that gives just enough for a good hand clean. This is something you can source online, indeed, there are single suppliers of all forms of PPE, which means you can obtain your Covid-19 protection from a single supplier, and with free delivery, you avoid human contact. If you run a retail outlet, hand sanitiser should be evident at the entrance, and you should also have signage informing shoppers to wear masks when entering your store. Here is some information on Covid-19 digital track and trace applications, which makes for an informative read.
  •  Antiseptic Wipes – If the virus can survive on surfaces, we need to wipe them down frequently, and with a bulk supplier, you can order as many packs as you wish. The use of wipes is an essential weapon against Covid-19, and you can buy in bulk from the online supplier, who will deliver to your business premises.

Essential Signage

People need to be reminded regarding taking precautions against Covid-19, and having signs to remind people to wear a mask and wash their hands will ensure that the best practices are followed. There are online suppliers of hygiene signage, in case you are in need.

As a business owner, it is your task to provide the essential PPE to your employees, and hopefully, the virus will disappear naturally and we can all get back to normal. You should keep abreast with government Covid-19 updates, which could be issued at any time, and here is a link to the UK government Covid-19 update website.

Listen to the Science

Our government has out best interests at heart, and they have the very best medical advisers to help set up a Covid-19 prevention plan, which is why you should follow the news regarding the pandemic, as new laws can quickly be introduced and if you’re not careful, you might be fined for not complying with the government directive.

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