Advances in technology have made modern cars toy stores on wheels. So, what new playthings can you find these days? Edmunds has all the latest updates and news about cars. Here we take a look at trending technology as well as what you can expect in the near future. 

Trending Technology in New Cars

The emphasis on technology is safety. If a feature is likely to lower the accident rate, you can be sure it will make its way to your car.

Automatic Emergency Braking

Automatic emergency braking is one of the trendiest of techs. It’s so trendy that it’s on its way to being standard equipment on new passenger models.

Why is it so popular? The computerized system can bring the car to a quick stop faster than a human driving.

Forward Collision Warning

Sensors alert you to an impending crash with the car ahead of you. Depending on the automaker, you’ll hear a sound, see a light, or feel a difference in the steering wheel or brake.

But if you don’t respond or can’t respond, the system will do so. It will activate the automatic emergency braking system.

Lane Assist Systems

Anyone who has ever driven a vehicle has drifted across the line. Blame inattention, distraction, drowsiness, or highway hypnosis. In either case, lane assist systems can alert you to the danger.

More advanced systems can even commandeer the steering to get you back in your lane.

Best New Tech Updates

When a technological breakthrough first appears, it’s hard to imagine how it can get any better. But car makers are always looking for a way to update their systems.

Intelligent All-Wheel Drive

This technology takes all-wheel drive to the next level. The system senses a loss of traction and individually adjusts the power it sends to any of the four wheels to keep them in contact with the road.

An advanced version of the system has an option just for navigating your way down a hill in slippery conditions.

Augmented Reality Navigation

The screen displays the roadway you’re traveling so you don’t have to consult a hard-to-read map. It then superimposes helpful information atop the image, such as turns and addresses.

Occupant Alert

Occupant alert prevents a parent’s worst nightmare. The system will let drivers know if they’re about to exit the vehicle, leaving a child behind in the back seat. The feature is also great for pet owners.

Future of Tech in Cars

The future is already here for some car owners. Soon everyone will be familiar with the tech mentioned below.

Voice Assistants

More mid-price and economy cars will follow the lead of luxury models and offer voice-activated assistants. It’s far safer to tell Alexa or another voice assistant to change your radio station rather than removing one of your hands from the wheel.

Heads-Up Display

Heads-up displays will also become commonplace. There will soon be little reason to ever look at the dashboard. All your important information will appear on your windshield.

Autonomous Driving

A car that drives itself still seems unsettling to many. But as artificial intelligence improves, so will autonomous driving.