Are you feeling discouraged about your email outreach’s results? Your messages must land in recipients’ inboxes to get opened, read, and acted upon to obtain your desired results. Unfortunately, your emails may not undergo these processes if spam filters prevent them from getting to the inboxes.

Deliverability contributes significantly to cold email campaign success. With the best cold email tool, your messages can reach recipients’ inboxes, improving their chances of being opened and read. Using another domain extension can also increase the likelihood that cold emails reach their recipients’ inboxes.

Domain Extension Can Improve Deliverability

You may craft engaging messages and send them to prospects only to have them land in spam folders. An ideal domain extension defeats spam filters and prevents service providers’ blocking. The domain extension is the string of letters at the last part of a website’s URL (the dot and letters following it). Though they may seem insignificant, they can improve the deliverability of emails.

A domain extension influences people’s perception of your brand’s website. It conveys the relevance and trustworthiness of your business. Besides, it introduces your brand to the audience and drives traffic. So, selecting a domain extension that complements your company’s identity is necessary. The right choice assists you in connecting with prospects and building an online presence.

Service providers ban domains suspected of malicious behaviors or sending spam messages. Cold emailing people increases the risk of your email account getting blocked or your messages identified as spam. Fortunately, you can increase deliverability by setting up a new domain extension to improve your brand’s credibility and using it only for cold emailing.

Choosing the Ideal Domain Extension 

If you choose the appropriate extension, people will perceive your brand as trustworthy and not a spammy email account. For brand recognition and credibility, .com remains the most significant extension. It shows the legitimacy of your domain and increases email deliverability. Also, the .net is a noticeable extension and an ideal alternative to .com. However, the following tips will assist you in making a choice.

You can define brand identity with an extension like .io for innovative firms and tech startups. Technology-related organizations and businesses also use .tech.

To define your purpose, you can use .org for non-profit organizations and .com for commercial brands.

Country-specific extensions will improve the open rates of emails sent to recipients in a particular location. Use extensions like .ca for Canada and or .uk for the United Kingdom.

To avoid confusing your audience, opt for popular extensions like .com, .net, or org for easy recognition by your audience.

Using unfamiliar extensions sets off spam filters, causing your well-written emails to get delivered to the junk folder. Though most businesses use .com or .net, .io is suitable if it resonates with your company’s identity. If you want to connect with prospects in a particular region, use a location-specific extension. This option will help create awareness in that location and build trust.

Increase the Possibility of Emails Getting Delivered in Inboxes

Your audience and company’s identity determine your ideal domain extension. Always select one that conveys authority and credibility. It will get your messages to recipients’ inboxes and encourage your prospects to anticipate subsequent emails. Eventually, you will experience increased conversion and sales.