If you run a tech company and business is booming and you are going to need to relocate to larger premises, you will need to arrange suitable transportation at some point. Transporting valuable equipment is not something to leave to a domestic removal company, who would lack the skill and experience to handle delicate and expensive technical equipment, rather you would need a removalist that specialises in commercial operations.


This is a vital component for a safe journey and the removal company would have their own tailor-made packing materials that protect delicate equipment, with trained removal teams who know what they are doing. If your company is based in the Sydney area, check out the services offered at https://proremovalssydney.com.au/, who happen to be one of the leading commercial removal companies that can handle tech equipment relocations.

Installation & Configuration

Once your tech equipment has safely arrived at the new venue, arrange for the technicians to be on-site and they can install, setup and configure the equipment, ready for use. The same technicians might be required to dismantle the equipment at the original site, depending on what it is, and with the packing and transportation taken care of by your trusted removal contractor, everything should be fine. It is important liaise with both the technicians and the removalist, to ensure that everything moves along smoothly, and the bases need to be set up prior to the equipment’s arrival.

Fully Insured

The company you use to relocate your equipment must be fully insured, and they should have details of their insurance on their website, which should be adequate for the equipment. One mistake could be very costly and without insurance, the move would present a significant risk.

Sourcing a Qualified Removal Contractor

Moving house is one thing, relocating tech equipment is something else entirely, so you will have to search for a company with adequate resources and experience with handling delicate equipment, and most removalists would post customer reviews on their website, which are always worth reading. If the company is registered with an independent review organisation, even better, as the number of stars would denote their rating, so look for at least 4.5 on a scale of 1-5.

Preparing the New Premises

Whether you are moving a large bank of servers, or some laser technology equipment, it is essential to send in a team to prepare for the arrival, making sure to check that the dimensions will, in fact, fit through apertures. The base needs to be level and you might require special rubber pads to sit between the machinery and the flooring, which is something for the technicians to provide, as they are ultimately responsible for the final positioning.

Assessing the Project

If it is a large system to be relocated, you might need a team of specialists to plan the relocation, and things to take into account are:

  • Accessibility
  • Weather conditions
  • Distance & route
  • Specialist transportation

It might be wise to talk to the equipment manufacturer, who may be able to advise you regarding a relocation, and only when you are sure that the move is feasible, should you go ahead.