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The Main Reasons To Send Your Child To An International School

Wanting the best for your child is something that every parent thinks about while education is no different. Indeed, if you want your child to develop a variety of different and essential skills that are needed to achieve success in the world, then you should think about placing them in the international education system while a number of international schools are available in your area. Furthermore, if you want your child to study a curriculum from the United States or the United Kingdom, you should think about choosing the right international school for your family’s needs.

As a result, it is important to understand that international schools were established so that the children of foreign workers, including politicians, diplomats, managers and expatriates can enjoy the same standard of education as if they were at home. It is also imperative to understand that international schools also have teachers with experience and qualifications from their home country so that your child will be given the best opportunity to learn.

  • Undertake some research
  • Develop English skills
  • Understand how to think critically

A.           Carry out some research

One of the simplest things that you should do before deciding to send your child to an international school is to carry out some research. Indeed, determining which curriculum a particular international school uses is an important step in deciding whether it will be appropriate for your child. This is especially pertinent if you work overseas and you want your child to enjoy the same standard of education as they would receive at home. As a result, you should make sure you choose an international school that follows a curriculum that is appropriate for your home country while you should also be aware that your child can achieve the same qualifications as if they were studying in your home country.

B.           Good English skills

Another important factor that you should think about before deciding to send your child to what might be the best international school in Thailand is that they will develop essential English skills. Indeed, if you want your child to speak English throughout the school day, you should register them with an international school as soon as possible. As a result, it is important to understand that your child will enjoy a considerable exposure to the English language while they will also study a variety of subjects in English.

C.           Develop critical thinking

It is also important to understand that by following a curriculum from the United States or the United Kingdom, your child will be able to develop critical thinking skills. This is especially pertinent because in Asia the government system is generally based on rote learning which uses memorisation techniques so that the learners remember a number of important elements of a subject. However, you should also be aware that the main aim of the education system in the West is based around the development of critical thinking skills.

Therefore, in conclusion, if you are based outside your home country and you want your child to study a curriculum that is similar to the one back home, you should think about enrolling them into an international school as soon as possible because they will be able to develop good English skills as well as critical thinking.

3 Reasons you Might Want to Move to Another State

Australia is a huge country and that brings with it many benefits; you can go to new and exciting locations for your holidays again and again, and still there will be undiscovered treasures. We have such a diversity in climate, with a combination of temperate and tropical zones, and it is not uncommon for a family to relocate to another state.

  1. Retirement – After working for 4 decades and raising a family, you and your partner deserve a great retirement, and sunny Brisbane is the perfect location. Other great areas include Gold Coast, where you can enjoy sunshine all year round, and you can take your time looking for the perfect retirement home where you and your partner can really enjoy your golden years. Once the family home is paid for and the children have families of their own, why not sell up and relocate somewhere nice? If you downsize, you would still have a significant amount of money after buying a small bungalow in Brisbane, and you can enjoy life to the full in a tropical climate.
  2. Pursuing a Career – If that golden opportunity arises and you are offered a promotion that involves moving to another state, you must take the opportunity; It might be that you have been given your very own region, with a few key team members, or a move to a different department, and even if you have a family, the opportunity might be too good to turn down. Of course, once you have found your dream home in the sun, the best interstate removals can be found at, a leading company that has helped many career-minded people make the relocation that offers advancement within the company.
  3. Change of Lifestyle – A person might be unhappy with their life, living and working in an urban environment, and one day they decide to take the plunge and live an alternative life. Some people have a stong urge to have a connection with nature and selling up and purchasing a small farm holding is a dream that can actually become reality. If you crunch the numbers and have a good business plan, you could change your life in many ways by selling your own produce; indeed, a few of the very successful farming ventures in Hunter Valley were started by city people who missed being around nature.

Once you have made the decision to relocate out of state, viewing properties is easy with the Internet and when you’ve done the deal, start looking for a reliable interstate removalist who can handle everything. The best way to move interstate is to self-pack, requesting the removal company to deliver an empty container to your home, then you can pack at your own pace, and you’ll save some money by self-packing.

Moving interstate is not as daunting as you might think, if you have a good removal company and once you are in your new home, you can begin the next exciting chapter of your life.

Business Communication: Cutting Edge Solutions That Are Affordable

Every organisation relies heavily on the ability to communicate effectively, and the larger the company, the harder it is to maintain a level of communication, and in today’s rapid pace of industry, there are cost-effective platforms to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Voice Over Internet Protocol

Known as VoIP, this enables audio and video to be broadcast over the Internet and there are IT providers that can set up and configure a system for your company to use, which empowers you in many ways. Sometimes, an email simply won’t do it and if you have a team that are spread across the country, VoIP solutions allow you to video conference in real-time, and with file sharing and whiteboard facilities, you can hold business meetings and come up with solutions.

Sales & Support

These are both critical aspects of any business, and using a dedicated online communication network offers you cost-effective real-time communication that ensures every employee is on the same page, so to speak. An engineer could, for example, have a video call with a customer, which might be enough to solve a pressing issue, or a sales manager could hold a virtual meeting with their team, regardless of where they are located.

Easy Installation & Configuration

If you would like to use a dedicated VoIP network, there is no bulky software to install, and with the provider’s assistance, you can be up and running within an hour. Users do not have to download bulky applications and the network will accept every digital device; laptop, PC, tablet or smartphone, and with a system that is password protected, you can control who uses your network.

Global Applications

As VoIP uses the Internet, participants of video calls can be in any location, all they need is a digital device and an Internet connection. You could be in London and wish to have a video call with a client in Australia (imagine the cost of a 30-minute phone call), which is very easy to do with VoIP solutions, and this really does empower you in so many ways.

How Does VoIP Work?

The provider would assign you a dedicated remote server, through which all of your call data is transmitted and stored, and as long as you have a device and an online connection, you can use the service. The fact that you have your own dedicated server means you can use the service at any time, and as the bandwidth is significant, you will enjoy crystal clear video and audio.

Online Solutions

If you would like to learn more about VoIP solutions, an online search will help you find an established IT support company, who can set up the system and train you how to use it. Once installed on your employees’ devices, every member of your team can make good use of video calling, and when compared to the cost of regular voice calls, VoIP offers a very cost-effective way to communicate in real time.

Talk to an IT support company and they can show you the many benefits of VoIP communication and many would offer you a free trial.

Give your Child an Edge with International School Education

If you live in South East Asia and you want your child to have a comprehensive schooling, look no further than international education, a system that is designed to develop the essential life skills needed for success in the modern world.

Why are international schools widely regarded as the best in the world?

The very core of every school is their curriculum, and international schools use either the US or the UK curriculum, as they are widely recognised as being the best there is. The main reasons for having international schools is so that the children of diplomats, managers and armed forces personnel can obtain a structured education while their parents are serving in foreign countries, which is possible due to all schools using the same curriculum.

Native English Professional Teachers

International schools recruit their teachers from the United Kingdom, which attracts the best people who wish to live the expat life for a few years, so your child would be in the best possible hands from the age of 5 until they prepare to enter university. If you choose a school that has K-12 capabilities, your child will not have to change schools at any time, which can be a traumatic event that negatively impacts their education.

Online Solutions

Any parent who would like to learn more about a British international school in Bangkok, for example, a simple Google search will bring up a list of reputable international programs in and around the city. You can then browse each website, looking for a school that offers the British curriculum that is delivered by professional qualified UK teachers.

Fluency in English

In order that your child has the essential English language skills, they need to be learning in an English-speaking environment from day 1. Even if the parents do not speak English at home, the child will be exposed to English around 8 hours per day, and from an early age, an intermediate level of language skills is rapidly acquired. Learning in a Thai school would not give your child the English language exposure, mainly because they would only learn English one hour per day, whereas, with an international program, the language of instruction is always English.

Critical Thinking

It is a general observation that Asian education is mainly a rote learning system (learning through memorisation) and it is a cultural thing not to question the teacher, which is often seen as a sign of disrespect. The goal of a western style education system is to cultivate an enquiring mind, which develops essential critical thinking skills, and by using project-based learning, all students play an active role in the learning process.

Finding your Passion in Life

If a child is engaged in a dynamic curriculum, there are many opportunities to pursue new interests, and this can very often be the springboard into a lifelong love of something that might lead to a very successful career.

Give your son or daughter a head-start by enrolling them into an international school program and you certainly won’t regret it.

5 Essential Safety Solutions for your Workplace

For the past decade or two, we have begun to look seriously at safety in the workplace, in an effort to reduce or eliminate accidents at work, and there are many devices available today that do make the workplace that much of a safer environment for all. Here are just a few of the safety features that you could deploy at your office or factory to minimise the risks to your employees.

  1. Smoke Detectors – These are regarded as absolutely essential for any workplace and they should be installed in every room, which gives you an early warning in the event of a fire. There are specialist companies that will come into your work area and carry out a fire safety check, which would include installing smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. Storage areas are especially vulnerable, as they very often contain flammable items such as office stationery, so do carry out an exhaustive search regarding locations that are at risk of fire.
  2. Safety Cut Out Switches – Electricity can be very dangerous and you should install the standard electrical safety switch that automatically cuts off the power supply in the event of an issue. There are fusible and non-fusible types and the supplier would be able to recommend the best unit for your business premises, and such a supplier can easily be located with a Google search.
  3. Fire Extinguishers & Blankets – Whatever the type of company you run, your offices/factory/warehouse should have an adequate supply of either fire extinguishers or blankets, depending on the type of business. If you call your local fire safety officer, they would be happy to pay you a visit and make some recommendations, and remember that these units do require testing and inspection at specific intervals.
  4. Manual Handling Training – Most businesses can benefit from some hands-on manual handling training, which helps employees to gain a deeper understanding of the correct methods to manually handle objects. A short course like this could reduce staff absenteeism due to back injuries that are the result of incorrect handling procedures, and if you contact a specialist company, they would pay you a visit and put together a short training course that is designed specifically for your place of business.
  5. Safety Signage – Low doorways and slippery floors are just a couple of the situations when safety signage would be appropriate, and with visible signs warning people they are entering a loading bay area are also a good idea. If you asked one staff member to walk around the workplace and take note of your current safety signage, this would likely result in a few signs that could be added.

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to make sure the workplace is as safe as possible, and you could delegate safety to one staff member, who can carry out checks and make sure that all of the above are covered.

Track Your Vehicles All The Time With A GPS Tracking System

If you are the owner of a fleet of vehicles or even the owner of a private car or pickup truck, then you should be aware that GPS tracking devices can be installed, leading to you being able to enjoy a number of benefits. Indeed, given the various advancements in the GPS tracking industry over the last few decades, it is now possible to reduce your operating costs as well as increase your profitability. These benefits can be enjoyed as a result of installing GPS tracking devices in your fleet of cars or other vehicles. Furthermore, you should also be aware that if you are the operator of a fleet of vehicles, then GPS tracking devices can provide you with a number of significant ways to optimise your organisation.

1.            Optimise routes

One of the most important benefits that you can enjoy by tracking your vehicles all of the time through the installation of a GPS tracking system is that you can enjoy access to real-time data about where every vehicle is located. In addition, you should also be aware that GPS tracking units will have access to road traffic information, meaning you can send the ideal route information to the device in a particular vehicle, so that your drivers can avoid delays as a result of accidents or other traffic jams.

2.            Improve customer delivery times

Furthermore, you should also be aware that if you install a GPS tracking device in a particular vehicle, you can increase your response time when you have to pick up or deliver products to your customers. This is especially pertinent if you operate a courier or delivery business as you can choose the closest vehicle to the customer in order to provide them with a prompt and highly responsive service.

3.            Reduce operating costs

In addition, it is also important to understand that by installing a GPS tracking system in a particular vehicle, you can also reduce your operating costs. Indeed, vehicles that have a high mileage will often lose a considerable amount of value in depreciation. However, by installing a GPS tracking device in a particular vehicle you can reduce the cost of fuel as well as reduce the mileage of a particular vehicle. This is especially pertinent if you have a large number of vehicles that you may want to sell after a particular period of time or when they reach a specific mileage.

4.            Increase safety

Lastly, you should also be aware that by installing GPS tracking devices in a variety of different vehicles you can increase the overall safety of your drivers. Indeed, GPS tracking devices can allow you to identify any problems as well as prevent speeding. This is especially pertinent if you operate a large fleet of vehicles as you can prevent accidents and injuries from occurring. Finally, it should also be noted that if a GPS tracking device is installed in a vehicle and it is stolen, then you can have a way of recovering the vehicle thus preventing further losses.

  • Optimise routes
  • Improve response times
  • Reduce costs and increase safety

Therefore, in conclusion, if you are the owner of a fleet of vehicles you should think about installing GPS tracking systems to enjoy a number of different benefits.

Patient Billing and Record Keeping

Not that long ago, hospitals all had paper copies of patient records, but that was all they had. In fact, the same is true for many health centers across the world today. But many are making the switch to electronic. Cloud based billing and record keeping open windows for the medical world in a way that wasn’t available before now, for both patients and health centers.


Being able to store billing records for patients gives health centers and patients alike vastly more flexible abilities. In the case of patients, they are able to access billing records online. This makes it much easier to include insurance, since handling receipts alone are a very insecure and troublesome way to go back and forth, and it becomes a nightmare when you lose one. But being able to go online and login, and see all of your billing and purchase histories makes it easy to organize, and easy to share. For health centers, cloud billing allows for them to keep a record of the same receipts and history as the patient. So if for some reason the patient ever loses access or data is wiped, it can be quickly and easily restored. Of course, having paper copies is always recommended as well, no matter how many different sites the digital information is stored on. 

Record Keeping

In a similar fashion to billing, electronic record keeping is ideal for both patients and health centers alike. Being able to access records from home for patients can be a huge benefit, especially when a job or activity requires a copy of medical records before the individual can be accepted. This replaces the need for a doctor’s visit, with a quick online login. For health centers, this allows doctors to be able to quickly retrieve medical history of  a patient, even if that patient was treated at a different hospital or health center. Allowing for faster, more accurate diagnosis. It also allows doctors to be able to look at the health history of relatives and ancestors, also giving a much more accurate diagnosis, far quicker. Having a digital copy is also far more stable. Losing all of a patient’s records would be catastrophic for that person, and could cause serious problems for them in the future, if prescribed the wrong medication, or refused necessary medication. Having information stored on a cloud means that in the event of a fire or even a system failure, all of those records will still be retrievable.

Software Containerisation: How it Can Benefit your Development Business

As you probably know, the pace of digital development is rapid and ongoing, and we have now reached the point where software containerisation is being implemented. Software containerisation is a method of isolating software packages, allowing them to function without using an operating system (OS) and that means faster loading and less of a drain on your IT hardware.

Cloud Based Containers

If you have applications stored on the cloud, they can draw their resources from the host server and do not require an OS in order to run, indeed, an application can run independently from the environment in which the container is stored. Isolating an application from its environment allows for rapid deployment, as the program does not require a virtual operating system in order to run, plus you can store as many containers as you wish on a cloud or laptop hard drive.

Key Issues with Cloud Based Applications

Using containers resolves several issues when running applications on the cloud:

  • Modernising existing applications
  • Creating new cloud-based applications
  • Allows you to merge your data centre with cloud applications

Containers also allow you to launch web-based apps when you are uncertain as to how much response they will receive and apps can be launched behind a firewall or from a web server.

Independent and Isolated

If, for example, you run Microsoft, Mac and Linux in your IT environment, you won’t have to worry about OS compatibility when you wish to deploy an application that is stored in an AWS container, you can simply run the program, regardless of the IT environment. Application isolation is a very powerful tool for developers, as it allows them to run several applications on the same machine, while it also reduces the amount of resources needed to run the platform.

Consistent Testing Environments

One of the reasons software developers love containers is they provide them a consistent testing environment and by simply adding more containers, you can easily increase scalability. If you would like to learn more about software containers and how they can help your business, an online search will help you locate a leading provider who can show you a range of products and services.

Pipeline Management

Software developers have to go through several stages when creating an application, such as design, writing code, testing and delivering the app to the user, and containers allow these processes to be carried out in isolation, regardless of the environment. This also allows developers to achieve zero change in runtime environments throughout the production, which is a very useful thing.

Boost Productivity

Using containers really does help developers because it saves a lot of time and this all adds up to be a considerable amount that would result in more productivity. If the developer wants to test how an app runs in different environments (Windows, Mac or Linux), containers allow them to do this effortlessly.

Containers have primarily been developed for use on the cloud and they offer the developer many great benefits by isolating the application from its environment.

Where To Find The Best Party Supplies

If you are thinking about holding a particular event, including a birthday or graduation party, or even a wedding or funeral, then you should be aware that hiring a party supplier to carry out the organisation of all the aspects of the party as well as supply the equipment that is needed, is essential. Indeed, regardless of whether you want to hold a large or a small scale event, you should be aware that a firm of party suppliers will be able to organise the various aspects of the event on your behalf.

Furthermore, you should be aware that using a party supplier can allow you to rest assured that your event will go as smoothly as possible while you will not have to source the various elements of furniture, cutlery, crockery and other items. If you decide to outsource the organisation of any particular event to a specialist company, you can rest assured the event will go smoothly. Lastly, you should be aware that if you want a marquee or other temporary structure to be built, then a party supplier will be able to provide you with all the equipment that you need.

Enjoy peace of mind

One of the main reasons to use a party supplier for the various aspects of an event is that you can enjoy peace of mind. Indeed, by hiring a specialist party supply company, you can rest assured that the various infrastructure elements of the party will be installed correctly while you will not have to source the items that are needed. Furthermore, you can save yourself a considerable amount of stress as you will not have to source a variety of items from several different suppliers.

Hire quality party supplies

In addition, you should be aware that using a specialist party supply company can allow you to hire the best quality products that are available on the market. Indeed, for more information about where to find the best party supplies, you should think about contacting soon as possible.

Create a fantastic event

You should be aware that by hiring a party supplier to deal with the infrastructure elements of a particular event, you can focus on the other aspects, including the design or theme, the food and drink as well as the type of musical entertainment that you want. It is also important to understand that a party supplier will be able to install and take out a marquee or other infrastructure elements that you may require for a particular type of party. As a result, you can create a fantastic event, while minimising your own level of stress and effort.

Save time and money

Lastly, you should be aware that hiring all of the essential items that you need to hold a particular event can save you time and money, especially if you use a professional party supplier. The only thing you need to do is to detail your requirements and leave the rest to a company that will plan and supply the various elements of the event. As a result, you can rest assured that your party will go as smoothly as possible while you will not have to organise the various parts of the planning process.

Therefore, in conclusion, if you are looking to hold a particular event, then you should think about sourcing the various items and supplies you need from a party planning company as you can rest assured that you will hold a fantastic event, while saving yourself a considerable amount of stress, time and effort.

What Is CBD Oil?

What is CBD Oil?

CBD refers to cannabidiol. It’s one of the many cannabinoids obtained from the hemp plant. In simpler terms, it is an oil extracted from the hemp plant. You could also call it a natural compound derived from the hemp plant. In total, the hemp plant contains over 100 different types of cannabinoids.

The hemp plant has many industrial applications. It is farmed for its fibers which are used in construction, textile, and other industries. However, in recent times the plant is increasingly being farmed for the production of CBD oil. In most cases, the Sativa variety of the Cannabis plant is what is used, and not the Indica which is high in THC (the compound responsible for getting one high).

Note: CBD oil is different from cannabis oil. Cannabis oil is derived from marijuana and contains very high levels of THC. So while CBD oil has virtually negligible levels of THC and cannot get you high, cannabis oil has high levels of THC and can get you high. 

What does CBD Oil stand for?

CBD does not stand for anything else apart from cannabidiol. The letters CBD should not be mistaken for some elaborate acronym. And cannabidiol, as mentioned earlier, is simply and oil extract derived from the hemp plant. 

Now what is CBD oil by default should refer to the natural oil extracted from the hemp leaves and flowers. However, in some cases, CBD oil can also be used to refer to oil that has been infused with CBD extract, and the extract here could be in different stages of purification and of various concentrations. 

What does CBD oil do?

CBD oil is a product in the midst of discovery and exploration. There is information to show that it has been used in the past in ancient Rome, China, Europe, and other parts of Asia. At the moment, CBD oil is undergoing a renaissance of sorts and is enjoying a lot of recognition. And without a doubt, CBD oil is going to have a bright future in the coming years. All this is to say that there is a lot of research going on regarding CBD oil. There is a lot that we still don’t know about its benefits and applications. 

Wondering what are the benefits of CBD oil?

At present CBD oil has been shown to have various medical applications that include relieving pain, uplifting one’s mood, helping with sleep, improving appetite, as well as helping with various medical conditions such as arthritis, cancer, seizures, multiple sclerosis, anxiety, and more. 

CBD oil also contains other compounds such as other cannabinoids, terpenes, vitamins, THC, and oils which all have various medical benefits. When used together, these compounds can help with various medical conditions as well as general wellness. Different people are drawn to CBD oil due to different needs.

Note: Please consult a medical professional if you intend to use CBD oil for medical use. They are best-placed to offer you precise medical advice on whether the use of CBD oil can help, as well as whether it’s safe to use together with other medicines, or if pregnant. 

How does CBD oil work?

Scientists and researchers are still trying to understand CBD (oil) better considering it’s just now being looked into deeply.

That said, at present CBD oil is known to affect various receptors and endocannabinoids in the human body. When this happens, CBD affects the manner in which neurotransmitters in the body can perceive various things such as mood, pain, and other states of being. 

How is CBD oil made?

The production of CBD oil starts with the cultivation of the hemp plants. Once mature, the flowers and leaves of these plants are harvested. From here the extraction process begins. Different manufacturers go about the extraction process in different ways. They use different extraction machines, different processes, and different compounds to bring out the CBD oil. 

Once extracted, the raw CBD oil is then refined to different stages for different markets. Plant-based oils, fats, and chlorophyll are removed to remain with full-spectrum CBD oil. Full-spectrum CBD oil can be further refined to remove traces of THC. What remains from this process is broad-spectrum CBD that still contains terpenes and other cannabinoids. From here the extract can be further refined to remove the terpenes and cannabinoids. What remains is CBD isolate.

The CBD oil, at different stages of refinery, can then be mixed with other products for various markets. It can be manufactured into vape oil, edibles, capsules, tinctures, and various topical products such as balms and creams. 

What is the difference between CBD oil and Hemp oil?

CBD oil is derived from the Hemp plant. In a way, all CBD oil is hemp oil. After all, all forms of CBD oil start out as raw hemp oil extract. However, as explained above, the raw hemp oil undergoes various stages of refinery in order to end up with CBD oil in its various forms. That is, full-spectrum CBD oil, broad-spectrum CBD oil, pure CBD isolate, and CBD-infused oils.

So while Hemp oil is a raw extract that still contains various plant oils, plant vitamins, acids, terpenes, cannabinoids, THC, and other compounds, CBD oil is a more purified form of hemp oil that is already refined for human use. 

Where to buy CBD oil?

Since the legalization of CBD oil in the UK, you can buy it all across the country in cities such as London, Birmingham, Leeds, and Glasgow. You do, however, need a prescription. There are local stores that you can walk into and buy CBD oil and there are online stores where you can order your preferred CBD oil straight from the comfort of your home. 

All such stores are licensed by the government and the CBD oil must be tested and approved under the existing laws governing the sale and production of CBD oil. In particular, the CBD oil must be manufactured in a manner that is safe for human consumption and the THC levels must be within the set limits (0.2%). 

I prefer to buy from companies that give back to the community, and while most CBD companies keep all their profits, some CBD companies donate to multiple charitable causes. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that their product is better than any other, the time that they take to give back makes me feel like these companies are genuine in their intent for good, clean, high quality products and services.

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