Information about the viruses: 

Boot viruses
DOS viruses
Word viruses
Word 97 viruses
Windows (16 bit) viruses
Windows (32 bit) viruses
Windows 95 and 98 viruses
Excel viruses
Excel 97 viruses

 Removing viruses from your computer:

You can remove viruses from your computer by using Protector Plus antivirus software.


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 About Protector Plus Antivirus Software Packages:

Proland Software is the developer of Protector Plus range of antivirus software packages. Protector Plus 2012 is available for Windows Vista, Windows 95/98/Me, Windows NT/2000 Servers and Workstations, Windows XP, DOS and NetWare servers.


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Protector Plus range of antivirus products offer on-line virus detection and removal. All the packages have the ability to detect and isolate all types of viruses and trojans. Protector Plus antivirus software can detect and remove boot viruses reliably.


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