Internet Security For Home And Small Office

Proland Software Launches Internet Security for Home and Small Office
These products with its powerful anti-virus and internet security engines protects your data from various forms of malware and virus attacks

Bangalore, June 17 2013: Proland Software, a well established anti-virus product and web development services provider, today announced the launch of its two very powerful anti-virus and internet security solutions for both home and small office. The product will be available both online and off-line at the price of Rs 499 for single user and Rs.1399 for 3 user licenses (prices applicable in India only)

Today’s Internet requires a whole new approach to security. Almost everything is interconnected and taking place in real time. And that includes threats. To be effective, security software must be constantly alert for new forms of deviousness. New types of threats require new forms of protection. Mass-distribution viruses and worms are giving way to profit-driven attacks designed to steal identities, money, and other valuable electronic commodities through phishing and social engineering. Proland’s Protector Plus Internet Security Solutions in a single integrated product delivers customized protection and total reliability.

The Protector Plus Internet Security is available in two variants i.e., For Home and For Small Office.

Key Features of Internet Security for Home are

  • Active Safe browsing
  • Unique Proactive Protection
  • Active Web Blocking for parental control
  • Specially designed Entertainment Mode for gaming
  •  Real time Anti- Virus protection
  • Highly effective Anti-spam engine
  • Hard Drive Destruction

Key Features of Internet Security for Small office are

  • Advanced firewall
  • Proactive protection for business operations
  • Sensitive data lock
  • Anti-spy
  • Smart-Scan technology

Other Key Benefits include

  • Anti-Malware module with greater detection accuracy
  • Two-way firewall for secure network connections
  • Proactive Protection module to preemptively block unknown and zero-day threats
  • Smart Decision technology to facilitate secure decision-making
  • Web control with fast web content filtering to protect your PC from web-borne threats
  • System and Applications Guard to keep installed software and OS protected
  • Self-protection technology to maintain continuity of protection
  • The 4th generation of Smart-scan optimization technology for fast subsequent malware scans
  • USB virus protection to prevent malware which spreads via USB devices
  • Program activity tracker to review file and registry activity in real time
  • Entertainment mode (for games and video) and Auto-Learn 2.0 (for beginners)

Added Features

  • NEW! Full Windows 8 support
  • IMPROVED! Extended HIPS in PPIS 64-bit

About Proland Software:
Proland Software has over nineteen years of experience in designing, developing and supporting antivirus software products for Windows OS. Protector Plus, its leading brand of antivirus products, is well-known throughout the world, and has users in over 100 countries.

A 30day trial version of the new Protector Plus Internet Security products for Home and Small office is now available and can be downloaded here:

This trial software should be used for the purpose of evaluation only. Licensed version of Protector Plus has to be ordered for continued usage after the trial period. It is illegal to continue using this trial copy beyond the evaluation period without ordering it.

For Product Sales Contact Toll Free Number 1800-4257728