Technology That Can Be Used To Increase Customer Loyalty

Businesses that constantly retain customers whether it is a restaurant or marketing company set themselves up for success. Consistent clients allow a business to grow as they are not worried about cash flow. With the competitive nature of many industries one mistake can lead to a client going to a competitor if the right steps are not taken to remedy this. The following are ways technology can be used in order to increase customer loyalty.

Social Media

Social media is where plenty of people unhappy with service or products flock to voice their complaints. Responding to a complaint in a timely manner with full accountability can help retain a customer. Most angry patrons of a establishment want to be acknowledged and see the business trying to make it right. With a timely response and a discount on future visits or purchases can do just that.

Customer Relationship Management Platforms

CRMs or customer relationship management platforms can be a huge help as it allows for personalization when speaking to a client. This could be something as simple as noting this person does not like to communicate on the phone and would rather use email. Small details about clients should be noted as they can be invaluable if a new client manager is assigned to their account.

Video Conferences

Doing video conferences on a regular basis not only can offer a much more personal touch than a phone call but it can do other things. This can make it easy to recognize clients at industry functions like that of a trade show. People want to feel valued so picking out a client in a group of hundreds of people can do just that. There are plenty of free platforms so start doing project recaps via these platforms as you can do things like screenshare if need be.

Tech Security Tips For a Small Business

The importance of security for a small business is increasingly important with the growth of hackers looking for any customer or employee data that they can get their hands on and sell. The leaking of data can cripple a small business as it could alienate both their small and large clients. The last thing that a company or client wants when entering into business together is having to worry about banking and personal information being hacked. The following are tips to help keep data secure at your small business.

Keep Passwords Need To Know Only

Nothing is worse than an employee that has gotten terminated trying to get revenge on their former company. For this reason passwords should be changed if a person is fired just to be safe. The last thing that you want is an employee causing the company to lose business due to damaged relationship from a leak of information.

The Company Website Should Sacrifice Ease of Use For Security

If running an ecommerce business making the site as easy to use as possible can help increase sales. Do not for any reason sacrifice security during the checkout process as this is when valuable information is inputted. Keep security priority while ease of use should be worked on but not at the cost of security being weakened.

Do Periodic Virus Scans For The Entire Staff

Whether you want to believe it or not plenty of staff take their computers home and do personal business/browsing. This can lead them to certain parts of the internet that might be rampant with viruses and malware. Take time before a monthly staff meeting to have everyone scan their computers as you do not want them scanning during peak production hours. These scans can allow a company to see where viruses are and how they were planted into the system. Scans weekly or monthly can be a huge help for those suffering frequent hacks.

Internet Security For Home And Small Office

Proland Software Launches Internet Security for Home and Small Office
These products with its powerful anti-virus and internet security engines protects your data from various forms of malware and virus attacks

Bangalore, June 17 2013: Proland Software, a well establish anti-virus product developer, today announced the launch of its two very powerful anti-virus and internet security solutions for both home and small office. The product will be available both online and off-line at the price of Rs 499 for single user and Rs.1399 for 3 user licenses (prices applicable in India only)

Today’s Internet requires a whole new approach to security. Almost everything is interconnected and taking place in real time. And that includes threats. To be effective, security software must be constantly alert for new forms of deviousness. New types of threats require new forms of protection. Mass-distribution viruses and worms are giving way to profit-driven attacks designed to steal identities, money, and other valuable electronic commodities through phishing and social engineering. Proland’s Protector Plus Internet Security Solutions in a single integrated product delivers customized protection and total reliability.

The Protector Plus Internet Security is available in two variants i.e., For Home and For Small Office.

Key Features of Internet Security for Home are

  • Active Safe browsing
  • Unique Proactive Protection
  • Active Web Blocking for parental control
  • Specially designed Entertainment Mode for gaming
  • Real time Anti- Virus protection
  • Highly effective Anti-spam engine

Key Features of Internet Security for Small office are

  • Advanced firewall
  • Proactive protection for business operations
  • Sensitive data lock
  • Anti-spy
  • Smart-Scan technology

Other Key Benefits include

  • Anti-Malware module with greater detection accuracy
  • Two-way firewall for secure network connections
  • Proactive Protection module to preemptively block unknown and zero-day threats
  • Smart Decision technology to facilitate secure decision-making
  • Web control with fast web content filtering to protect your PC from web-borne threats
  • System and Applications Guard to keep installed software and OS protected
  • Self-protection technology to maintain continuity of protection
  • The 4th generation of Smart-scan optimization technology for fast subsequent malware scans
  • USB virus protection to prevent malware which spreads via USB devices
  • Program activity tracker to review file and registry activity in real time
  • Entertainment mode (for games and video) and Auto-Learn 2.0 (for beginners)

Added Features

  • NEW! Full Windows 8 support
  • IMPROVED! Extended HIPS in PPIS 64-bit

About Proland Software:
Proland Software has over nineteen years of experience in designing, developing and supporting antivirus software products for Windows OS. Protector Plus, its leading brand of antivirus products, is well-known throughout the world, and has users in over 100 countries.

A 30 day trial version of the new Protector Plus Internet Security products for Home and Small office is now available and can be downloaded here:

This trial software should be used for the purpose of evaluation only. Licensed version of Protector Plus has to be ordered for continued usage after the trial period. It is illegal to continue using this trial copy beyond the evaluation period without ordering it.

Proland Software Partners With Agnitum

This partnership will bring cutting edge security suite technology for Protector Plus Internet Security clients

St. Petersburg, Russia — May 17, 2013. Agnitum, the PC security expert and manufacturer of the Outpost range of security products, is glad to announce a partnership with India-based security software provider Proland Software.

Proland’s customers may now take advantage of the acknowledged Outpost antivirus, proactive protection and firewall as part of Proland Software offering.

Proland will be front-ending the sales, marketing & customer support, and Agnitum will extend the Technology support.

Agnitum is one of the leading technology licensors in the security industry. Its technologies are being currently employed by top market players. The company has provided flexible opportunities for third-party licensing, offering antivirus, firewall or proactive protection modules either as a rebranded solution or based on the SDK since the year 2000. Among the major benefits offered by Agnitum’s licensing program are best-of-breed preventive mechanisms, native compatibility with both 32- and 64-bit Windows, reduced time-to-market, and smooth operation of the technology core in a third-party environment.

Proland Software has over nineteen years of experience in designing, developing and supporting antivirus software products for Windows OS. Protector Plus, its leading brand of antivirus products, is well-known throughout the world, and has users in over 100 countries.

“Agnitum’s security technology has enriched our product offering with brand-new Windows 8-compatible security. We are positive that this technology partnership will be beneficial for both sides and will provide Proland customers with the most reliable and lightweight protection on the market”,

Comments: Sundar Rajan,

Manager at Proland Software.

About Agnitum
Founded in 1999, Agnitum Ltd. ( has been committed to delivering and supporting high-quality, easy to use security software for over a decade. Agnitum’s commercial solutions for the home market are Outpost Firewall Pro and Outpost Antivirus Pro, securing personal and family computers; and Outpost Security Suite — an all-in-one Internet security solution. Dedicated to global e-security, Agnitum also offers free versions of Outpost Firewall and Outpost Security Suite to secure users’ system, network connections and critical data. Outpost Network Security ensures centrally-manageable endpoint protection and reliable performance for SMBs, and Outpost Antivirus Service provides antivirus protection via monthly subscription to 150,000 ISP subscribers.

For more information and to request review copies of Outpost Pro, please contact:
Agnitum International PR

About Proland Software
Proland Software is an acknowledged provider of antivirus solutions, manufacturer of Protector Plus product range, known over the world for their efficiency and reliability. Protector Plus Antivirus Software is available for Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and NetWare platforms. Protector Plus Antivirus Software is the optimal antivirus protection for PCs against all types of malware like viruses, trojans, worms and spyware.