A Guide to Riding a Sports Motorcycle on the UK Roads

If you’re a big fan of Mark Marquez and fancy riding like a champ, there are some superb road bikes available today that are not far removed from the Moto GP machines. Of course, riding a very powerful bike requires skill and competence that can only be gained from riding experience, but if you’re up for the challenge, here are a few tips to get you started.

  • Respect the Power – Riding a motorcycle is dangerous enough as it is, and one must have great respect for the power you have between your legs. If you are a novice, we recommend a 250-400cc road machine, which has more than enough hp and is the ideal learning platform. If you are an accomplished rider, then you can look at the 500-1200cc range of superbikes, which can be found at http://wheelsmotorcycles.co.uk/, one the best bike dealers in the UK, with all makes, models and a great selection of used bikes.
  • The Right Protective Equipment – There is always a risk of coming off the bike, and when skin hits tarmac, the latter always wins, and that means wearing leather clothing to offer you skin protection. Ideally, you would invest in a set of leather bike pants and a good leather jacket, which offers the very best protection. Your helmet should be of the best quality and fit correctly and should be worn at all times. The other things you’ll need are a good pair of boots with ankle support and a pair of motorcycle gloves and you’re good to go. If you also love 4 wheels, here is an article about cars that almost drive themselves, which makes for a fun read.
  • Preparing for your Bike Licence – It would be insanity to allow untrained people to climb on a powerful superbike, so you will have to come up through the ranks, and eventually, you will have your full motorcycle licence, and if you are planning to test your machine a little, book a course in road riding and you won’t regret it. Here is the UK government website on obtaining a motorcycle licence, which is very useful.
  • Wet Weather Riding – When riding on wet roads, you must be super-careful, as you have a lot of power on that rear wheel, and too much will have you off the bike. Braking is another area of concern in the wet, make sure you have the right ratio of front and back brakes, your rear should be the primary means of slowing down. Avoid high-speed riding in wet conditions, it simply isn’t worth the risk, and should something happen right in front of you, your stopping power is greatly reduced in the wet.

Regarding riding styles, you will naturally find what works for you, and if you always stay within the speed limits and are ultra-observant at all times, you should enjoy a safe riding experience. Consider all of the above, be aware of other road users and bike riding will be a sheer pleasure.

How System Integration Can Benefit your Business

Every business utilises various systems that each have a role in the running of the organisation, and rather than having multiple systems running independently alongside each other, systems integration will streamline your business processes. Here are just a few ways that you can improve your business with system integration.

  • Improve the Customer Experience – System integration allows you to pull all the data on a customer across all platforms, bringing this information to your screen in an instant. It is often necessary to look at customer profiles and behaviours, as this can help when planning your marketing strategies. This would prove invaluable to a national sales team, who regularly need to bring up customer data when in the field, and that enables the salesperson to meet with the customer while being fully aware of their history.
  • Reduce Operating Costs – If your systems are fully integrated, you can say goodbye to double handling and over-processing and every little helps when trying to improve business efficiency, If all of your critical data is available across all platforms and managed by system integration, you can complete tasks very quickly, and this applies to all your employees. If you would like to learn more, https://www.creativefolks.com.au/solutions/system-integration offers all the solutions that you would expect from a leading Australian provider of a range of digital services, all at affordable prices.
  • Boost Data Accuracy – Integrating your business systems will ensure that you have accurate and up-to-date data, and incorrect data can lead to bad decisions, another reason to integrate your business systems. Whilst on the topic of critical data, here is an article that looks at the importance of cyber-security within logistics, which makes for an interesting read.
  • Timely Acquisition of Data – If you have to make a business decision, yet you do not have up-to-date information, this could lead to making a wrong choice. Think of system integration as a control point, when you, or any authorised person, can access data in real time, and rather than having to wade through files and folders, the easy to use interface brings up what you need with a click of the mouse.
  • Promote Innovation – If you instantly have access to accurate data, you can create new and innovative processes, and with all of your business processes working together and managed, it is much easier to focus on the objective. Talking of innovation, if you have a brilliant business idea, you can find government information on intellectual property rights, which will help you to understand how to protect your idea.

If you would like to know how system integration can really benefit your business, search online for a business system integration service provider, who can take a look at your organisation and work out how system integration can be most effective. Whether you run a small business or a national enterprise, system integration pulls all your critical data to a single point of attention, which is your digital screen, and this ability will result in many benefits.

The Internet of Things: All you Need to Know

The arrival of the Internet signalled a change that would revolutionise our way of life, and while the World Wide Web has been around for 50 years, it has certainly seen some major developments. You can post and share hi-res video, allowing it to go viral within minutes, with millions of views, plus you have a real-time video call from any location to any other location on the planet.

What is the Internet of Things?

You will no doubt have heard the term ‘the Internet of things’ but you might not fully understand its meaning. The Internet of things (IoT) refers to a global platform, much like the Internet we all know and love, the only difference being that devices, as well as human users, will be connected to the network. This enables digital devices to communicate with each other without the need for a human user, and the types of devices that will be connected together include the following:

  • Driverless Vehicles
  • Automated Aircraft
  • Domestic Appliances/Systems
  • Commercial Traffic
  • Digital Devices – PCs, tablets, smartphones
  • Railway Systems

This technology combines with AI (Artificial Intelligence) and wireless tech to provide a global network that will be the foundation for future innovations.

Online Solutions

If, for example, you need some ink cartridges for your printer, a site like https://www.tonerbee.com.au/ can supply you with anything you need, and with the IoT, the supplier would deliver the product via drone or automatic vehicle and can be tracked all the way. Global logistics will all be connected and that will revolutionise the industry, empowering super-fast deliveries using a range of transportation.

The Smart Home

The dwelling of the future will be connected to the IoT, which will manage climate control, security and other aspects of home management, and this will do most of the things we would normally do. As the property owner, you would have an app that allows you to remotely manage your home in every way, and when you want to view the perimeter, you can do so from any of the CCTV cameras, allowing you to zoom in and move the camera at will.

Care of the Elderly

The IoT can really help when it comes to caring for the elderly, with voice-activated commands to help those with mobility issues, plus state-of-the-art sensors can monitor for emergency situations and that could be life-saving. Click here for tips on how to make your business more resilient.


According to may tech experts, when all vehicles are connected to the IoT, there will be zero accidents! Yes, zero, as in none! The reasons for this is that each vehicle is programmed never to be closer than a specific distance to any other vehicle and that would be built into all vehicles. There would be no speeding, or indeed any traffic violations, allowing the police to use their resources to catch criminals, and city traffic grids would be run by AI Software.

The Internet of Things is waiting for the coming global coverage of 5G, which will enable super-fast data transfer, which is essential for the IoT.

Airport Logistics: Digital Solutions for Optimum Efficiency

The aviation industry has enjoyed ongoing expansion since the 1960s, and while they have had an enforced lay-off due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the aviation sector is ready to roll out their services to the world once again. As you can imagine, the logistics of a major airport are considerable and offer a challenge to make the best use of all available resources, which is where airport automated process comes into play.

  • Capacity Planning – An integral part of airport management, capacity planning is a module that brings you accurate workload demand forecasts, enabling you to manage your workforce effectively. This is applied to both flight and maintenance schedules and the control centre would always be informed and ready for busy periods. A workload requirement profile according to skill and role can be automatically generated, allowing you to better manage your workforce, keeping your running costs down. The software module would have many powerful features that empower airport management, and by talking to the industry professionals at https://www.tambla.com.au/industries/aviation/, you can learn more about the many benefits that this state-of-the-art software offers.
  • Scheduling – This module balances the work requirement with the available resources, and that takes the headache out of workforce scheduling, as you can rest assured that work schedules are optimised for the expected workload. The software takes into account employee contracts, preferences, availability, competency and union issues when allocating tasks, thus ensuring that staff are doing work that is best suited. Alternative forward-looking schedules can be generated, just in case of unexpected changes in schedules, which is a very valuable tool for an airport manager to have, as you always need to stay one step ahead. Aside from this, the module has extensive ‘what if?’ forecast abilities, allowing you to cover every scenario in this ever-changing world we live in.
  • Attendance & Time – You can seamlessly record time staff are working, while merging your payroll for easy accounting, also automating work rules and award interpretation. This allows you to control labour costs, minimise compliance risk and improve productivity, and this also helps to manage time and attendance.
  • Employee Leave Management – This is not something you can do without, a system that tracks staff leave, ensuring you receive adequate notification, and the system takes into account staff training, absence for family reasons, sickness and annual holidays. Once the data is entered, the system monitors employee absence and makes sure that you are always covered, especially with specialist aircraft maintenance.
  • Employee Self-Service – Using kiosks or the cloud, your employees can apply for leave, and by assigning colours such as, green = available, amber = pending authorisation and finally red = no leave availability on these dates. The cloud-based system allows all staff to apply for leave and manages the availability to ensure that you always have minimum staff available at all skill levels.

If you would like to learn more about the latest airport management software packages, search online for a developer and they would be happy to run a demo to show you exactly what their system can do to help streamline your airport logistics.

A Guide to Tech Equipment Relocation

If you run a tech company and business is booming and you are going to need to relocate to larger premises, you will need to arrange suitable transportation at some point. Transporting valuable equipment is not something to leave to a domestic removal company, who would lack the skill and experience to handle delicate and expensive technical equipment, rather you would need a removalist that specialises in commercial operations.


This is a vital component for a safe journey and the removal company would have their own tailor-made packing materials that protect delicate equipment, with trained removal teams who know what they are doing. If your company is based in the Sydney area, check out the services offered at https://proremovalssydney.com.au/, who happen to be one of the leading commercial removal companies that can handle tech equipment relocations.

Installation & Configuration

Once your tech equipment has safely arrived at the new venue, arrange for the technicians to be on-site and they can install, setup and configure the equipment, ready for use. The same technicians might be required to dismantle the equipment at the original site, depending on what it is, and with the packing and transportation taken care of by your trusted removal contractor, everything should be fine. It is important liaise with both the technicians and the removalist, to ensure that everything moves along smoothly, and the bases need to be set up prior to the equipment’s arrival.

Fully Insured

The company you use to relocate your equipment must be fully insured, and they should have details of their insurance on their website, which should be adequate for the equipment. One mistake could be very costly and without insurance, the move would present a significant risk.

Sourcing a Qualified Removal Contractor

Moving house is one thing, relocating tech equipment is something else entirely, so you will have to search for a company with adequate resources and experience with handling delicate equipment, and most removalists would post customer reviews on their website, which are always worth reading. If the company is registered with an independent review organisation, even better, as the number of stars would denote their rating, so look for at least 4.5 on a scale of 1-5.

Preparing the New Premises

Whether you are moving a large bank of servers, or some laser technology equipment, it is essential to send in a team to prepare for the arrival, making sure to check that the dimensions will, in fact, fit through apertures. The base needs to be level and you might require special rubber pads to sit between the machinery and the flooring, which is something for the technicians to provide, as they are ultimately responsible for the final positioning.

Assessing the Project

If it is a large system to be relocated, you might need a team of specialists to plan the relocation, and things to take into account are:

  • Accessibility
  • Weather conditions
  • Distance & route
  • Specialist transportation

It might be wise to talk to the equipment manufacturer, who may be able to advise you regarding a relocation, and only when you are sure that the move is feasible, should you go ahead.

Top cars that are almost self driving

The idea of self-driving cars is quickly becoming a reality. However, fully autonomous vehicles are still a way off. Experts are working on developing better AI technology in combination with GPS and camera systems, but this process is going to take a few years to work out. In the meantime, these are the top cars that get as close to self-driving as possible. 

Levels of Autonomy

First, it’s essential to understand the varying levels of autonomy drivers can expect. Regular cars without any assistive features count as level 0, while level 1 cars include assistive technology ranging from braking to steering. 

Level 2 can control both steering and speed at the same time, but only for short periods without driver intervention. Level 3 cars are fully autonomous in most systems, but they rely on driver assistance to complete their tasks. Reaching level 4, a vehicle only needs the destination put in. A driver can still take over control of the vehicle, but doesn’t have to. 

At level 5, absolutely no driver intervention is necessary for the vehicle to complete its tasks. If you suffered damages after a serious car accident, it’s easy to see how these levels of autonomy can help in reducing the number of crashes across the world. For now, however, most vehicles never pass level 3. 

2019 Toyota RAV 4

Coming in at just over $25,500, the RAV 4 has always been a popular choice from Toyota. In 2019, however, this model received the Safety Sense 2.0 pre-collision system and a redesign. It’s autonomous features include:

  • Pedestrian and cyclist detection
  • Automatic emergency braking
  • Road sign detection
  • And lane tracing assist

2019 Nissan Leaf

At just under $35,000, the Leaf is Nissan’s flagship for new technologies. Outside of the base model, each comes with the option to add the company’s semi-autonomous driver assistance package. These features include ProPilot:

  • Steering assistance
  • Acceleration
  • Braking
  • Front-facing cameras and sensors

2019 Tesla Model 3

It’s hard to talk about self-driving cars without mentioning Tesla. While their Model S remains one of the best on the market, the Model 3 comes at a much more affordable price and is still packed with features. Driver assistance technology includes:

  • Automatic emergency braking
  • Forward collision warning 
  • Side collision warning
  • The Enhanced Autopilot system which steers, accelerates, brakes, and changes lanes

2020 Volvo XC60

Volvo has long been known for investing in the latest tech, but the XC60 pushes the envelope yet again. This compact SUV includes a plethora of advanced features as a standard, as well as an optional Pilot Assist system that can help accelerate, brake, and steer. Standard features include:

  • Scanning for imminent collision risks 
  • Pedestrian, cyclist, and large animal detection
  • Brake assist
  • Evasive maneuvers to avoid collisions
  • Alerting drivers who are not fully awake

2019 BMW 5 Series

The prestige of BMW now comes with advanced features in the 5 Series model. Standard equipment includes adaptive cruise control, pedestrian detection, and front and rear parking sensors. Upgrade to the 540i trim to receive key fob parking assistance for use outside the vehicle and Traffic Jam Assist that allows the car to cruise in a stop-and-go fashion. 

The Importance Of Having Cyber Security In Logistics

Everyone uses the Internet nowadays, from companies to people, and it allows us to have easy access to the data that we want to know about. However, the Internet has also brought shady people out of the woodwork, who hope to gain monetarily by illegal means. There are so many viruses and root kits being created all across the world right now by unscrupulous people, and so we need to take the necessary cautions like using an antivirus, to protect ourselves and our businesses.

Security is the key.

Businesses have to put their trust in the Internet, and they store a lot of confidential and personal information on their computers, which includes important banking details, and accounts. If you are an IT company, for example, and it is your wish to move your specialised equipment from one location to another, then you need to be able to call on a logistics provider that can not only move your equipment for you, but also protect it and its contents, from outside interests. If you have such a company, and are not quite sure about who to call for such a complex move, then have a look here at  https://www.rhenus-hightech.co.uk/ for all your logistical needs.

System protection.

Cyber risk and cyber security are a concern of all the top companies, because their equipment contains information that needs to be kept in the right hands, in order to protect the interests of their company. Specialist IT, logistics providers, now have to follow a number of rules and restrictions, to protect the interests of their clients, and to do this, they must have the necessary security in place to protect their end users. If the right security is not put into place, then systems will be very easily compromised, and livelihoods will be threatened.

Meeting security needs.

It is important that the logistics supplier can meet every company’s basic security requirements, because if they don’t, it can lead to a huge disruption, and the loss of many thousands of pounds. There have been many incidences where large companies have lost millions of dollars, because hackers were able to gain access to the customer base. This meant that credit card numbers were compromised, as well as names and addresses. Having the right antivirus in place is just one of the many things that organisations can do, to avoid cyber crime. Simple things, like not opening emails that look suspicious, and making your IT department aware, can help to stop this.

It is crucial that you hire specialist logistics partners who can guarantee, and provide advanced tools to safeguard your logistical move. They can use network firewall security, mobile device management, and the user defined accessibility. You need to be using a company that does regular testing and security of the system, and to look for any weak points that will affect the supply chain from point A to point B. Any breach in their security, can affect your company directly, and can also harm your customers as well.

Benefits of Technology and Smart Products

Technology has changed the way we live and is now present in almost every aspect of our lives. Work, travel, and home life have all been advanced significantly through smart tech and products. But how has technology advanced over the years? What are the benefits of modern technology in society? This article shall aim to answer these questions. 

  1. Technology advances through the years

Almost all of the technology we take for granted today stems from 50 years ago when the company INTEL was formed and ARPANET was created. ARPANET was originally created for scientists and researches to share computers and data remotely but has since evolved into something far greater- the internet. 

In 50 years, the world has seen incredible technological advancements. Instead of incredibly slow, gigantic computers, we now have laptops and MacBooks that work at impressive speeds. The release of the first iPhone has further led to more technological advancement, with over 5 billion people around the world now using some sort of smartphone. Nowadays, we are seeing further technological advancements in the home, with more and more smart products (such as smart lights, which can turn on via voice command) being invented every day.

  1. The benefits of technology

It is undeniable that technology has advanced at a rapid rate since its birth 50 years ago. But what are some of its benefits? 

  • We can stay in contact with anyone, no matter where they are in the world. 
  • With tablets, smartphones, and computers, it is easier now than ever to stay informed with news from around the globe. 
  • It has made it easier to live, through the invention of such appliances like dishwashers, refrigerators, and washing machines. 
  • Transportation is better than ever, and we can easily fly to any country we like. 
  1. Smart products and the impact on the modern world

One of the fastest-growing areas of technological advancement is the home, with the invention of smart speakers, smart lighting, and smart televisions. These smart products have a huge amount of advantages. 

  • Surveillance– smart products such as cameras have allowed for people’s homes to be more secure than they ever have been. Remote surveillance allows you to monitor your house no matter where you are, and be able to call for authorities if any suspicious activities occur. 
  • Saves people time– speedy internet has meant that many people are able to find any information they want and fast. Smart speakers are one example of this- you can ask it any question and it will search the web for the result, meaning that there is no need to spend time on your computer looking for answers. 
  • Saving money smart-products, such as smart heating and lighting, may be expensive in the short term, but can save you thousands in the long run as they help you stop using unnecessary electricity. These smart products all require electricity, though, so it is important you find the best supplier of cheap electricity to keep your smart products running.


It is undeniable that technology and smart products have completely changed the way we live and work. With more and more technological advancements happening every day, there is no doubt that technology will continue to alter and benefit our lives for many years. 

The Benefits Of Using a Secure Trading Platform

In the past, trading floors were a popular way for brokers to make transactions, with regards to equities, futures and foreign exchange. It was the way things were done back then, but now, thanks to technology, trading floors are not needed, and now trading takes place electronically over the world’s financial markets. This has led to the creation of online trading platforms that are incredibly secure, and so allow the initiation and completion of many financial transactions. People can now use them to trade in cryptocurrencies, various commodities, and foreign exchange transactions.

The benefits.

There is a vast number of trading platforms currently available online, and in order to be successful, these platforms use knowledge gained from Australian forex brokers, to help the users make smart trading decisions, and come out the other end, making lots of money. If you are a little unsure about the benefits to using a trading platform, then let me try to inform you.

  • Access to training programs – When you use these platforms, you get access to virtual training programs that will teach you how to trade, and gain a better understanding about how the trading works. This is not the time to be risking real money in these markets, so you can set up a demonstration account, which allows you to open positions and also close them, and you can also learn about how to use stop loss and profit functionalities. Once you get an understanding of these, then you can consider moving on to the real thing.
  • Automated trading platform – The financial market of today is moving quickly all the time, and things can happen in the blink of an eye. At any point in the day, there is a stock market open somewhere in the world, and if there is some kind of currency crisis happening on the other side of the world, you need to be able to react to that quickly to make money, or to remove yourself, so that you don’t lose a significant amount of money. Trading platforms give you access to real-time financial trading.
  • See what everyone else is doing – The fantastic thing about these trading platforms is that you get to watch the leaders being successful in the financial markets. You can learn a lot from these people, and you can also learn from their mistakes. Online trading platforms allow you to look at the activities of these traders, and if you trust them, you can even copy what they do. The wonderful thing about this, is that you can automate this process, and so while you sleep, you can still make money.

It is all about understanding the market and knowing how to create a high reward from a low risk strategy. These trading platforms can offer you some of the best tutorials out there, from very experienced market traders. The tutorials are very up-to-date, and the are a good reflection of the market conditions at the current time.

How a Business Can Take Sales to the Next Level with the Right Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing has become of utmost importance to businesses of all sizes. Small businesses have to be far more creative than larger businesses with bigger budget. Throwing money at a marketing problem simply is not an option for many small businesses. Putting too much into marketing without a decent return on investment can cripple a startup’s cash flow which might be required to operate. Creation of the right digital marketing strategy will depend on quite a few factors. The type of business will be most important as SEO for contractors and law firms are going to be immensely different. The following are tips to use digital marketing to help take sales at your company to the next level.

Enlist the Help of an Agency

A small business might not be able to handle digital marketing in-house due to all that is involved. There are digital marketing agencies that vary vastly and some of these agencies specialize in certain companies. You want to work with a specialty agency as they likely have established connections to leverage almost immediately. Budget will impact how much you can have an agency do. Freelancers are another option but can be difficult to manage as you likely will have to hire multiple to put together a decent digital marketing campaign.

Keep Sales and Marketing in Communication

Sales is going to be the main focus of a digital marketing campaign even those campaigns can have multiple goals simultaneously. The last thing that any company wants is a bunch of unqualified leads coming in and the sales team wasting time trying to close them. The quality of lead is going to be of paramount importance but the sales team has to communicate this to marketing. There might be a need for adaptation of a strategy depending on the results that are garnered.

Content Should Always be Superb

Content is going to be a reflection of a company and creating low-quality content simply doesn’t deliver. The common consumer has been flooded with content that might have an attractive headline but only give generic advice or tips. Content does not always have to be written as there are chances to be a part of podcasts, videos, and animations. Enlisting the help of freelance writers and content creators can be helpful. The importance focus should be to create consistent brand messaging and content that aligns with the goals of a campaign across freelancers.

Social Media Ads

Social media can be the perfect way for HVAC professionals or electricians to find customers in a local area. Facebook can be the best platform in many cases for a local business. Creation of a page is free and attracting followers should be easy with an established customer base. There are experts at creation of these ads which is something to look into. Ask about PPC campaigns if working with an agency as these can yield great results as they show up before organic results on platforms like Google.

Digital marketing is going to be an integral part of growing sales at a smaller or large company. Take the time to create a strategy that addresses all of the weaknesses from previous campaigns that is based on data collected.

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