The importance of IT technology and security for a small business is increasingly important with the growth of hackers looking for any customer or employee data that they can get their hands on and sell. The leaking of data can cripple a small business as it could alienate both their small and large clients. The last thing that a company or client wants when entering into business together is having to worry about banking and personal information being hacked. The following are tips to help keep data secure at your small business.

Keep Passwords Need To Know Only

Nothing is worse than an employee that has gotten terminated trying to get revenge on their former company. For this reason passwords should be changed if a person is fired just to be safe. The last thing that you want is an employee causing the company to lose business due to damaged relationship from a leak of information.

The Company Website Should Sacrifice Ease of Use For Security

If running an ecommerce business making the site as easy to use as possible can help increase sales. Do not for any reason sacrifice security during the checkout process as this is when valuable information is inputted. Keep security priority while ease of use should be worked on but not at the cost of security being weakened.

Do Periodic Virus Scans For The Entire Staff

Whether you want to believe it or not plenty of staff take their computers home and do personal business/browsing. This can lead them to certain parts of the internet that might be rampant with viruses and malware. Take time before a monthly staff meeting to have everyone scan their computers as you do not want them scanning during peak production hours. These scans can allow a company to see where viruses are and how they were planted into the system. Scans weekly or monthly can be a huge help for those suffering frequent hacks.