If you are not currently making the best use of available technology and streamlining your business processes, this is something you should consider. While some business owners are very IT savvy, others tend to shy away from anything technical and if you are in the latter group, let managed IT services help you streamline your business processes.

Cloud Solutions

Rather than storing your business data on your computers, commission a managed IT service provider such as First Solutions to create a secure online network that can be accessed only by authorised personnel. This enables employees to access data using any digital device and with real-time updating, everyone is on the same page, with all documentation scanned and stored on your cloud network.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

With all your accounts and invoices on the cloud, bookkeeping and accounting staff no longer need to tour the office collecting documentation, as they simply bring it up on their workstation screen. The quarterly returns can be processed without having to retrieve documents and if your accountant is remotely located, simply create a permission and they can access the data from any location.

Specific Business Software

You can run powerful applications on the cloud, with Office 365 providing the tools you need and when you want to work on a file, the software does not have to be installed on your device, as it is based on the cloud. Powerful payroll suites that are tailored to specific sectors that integrate PAYE with income tax, while also calculating hours worked and overtime. Once you have configured the system, it can do 75% of your accounting staff’s workload, freeing them up to work on other things. Here are some of the best business software packages for 2021.

Customer History

If, for example, a customer calls, you can bring up their history onto your screen with a couple of mouse clicks and the data would be up to date, allowing you to make informed decisions. All sales staff would be updating customer records on a regular basis, so when you take a look on your network, you can access anything you need.

Cyber Security

Of course, it is critical that you have some form of cyber-protection and the IT managed service provider ensures that your data is always protected. Security patches are automatically deployed and any attempt to gain access can be identified and traced, while you have the IT experts monitoring your network 24/7. Click here for UK government information about cyber-security.

Online Solutions

If you would like to learn more about managed IT services, a Google search will take you to a leading UK provider, who can demonstrate how managed IT services can transform your business by streamlining processes. Whether your business is very young, or you are already established, managed IT services offer you unlimited potential and with an expert in your corner, you won’t have to worry about your business data.